A rainbow wedding

Her: One more thing I should mention, my fiancé is a woman. Do you have any issues working gay weddings ?? Me: Though I also have no experience in it, but, I am sure we can accommodate any special requests you may have. Whoa. Once in a while – a wedding comes along that is so […]


You get what you pay for – NOT.

You get what you pay for. Its the buzzword. You get what you pay for is what we love to say when choosing a photographer. Photography costs ranges from 0 to tens of thousands of dollars – and if “You get what you pay for” adage is true, everyone should just hire the most expensive […]

New Logo – just in time for Christmas! :)

So! Being slow Christmas days – I played around and updated our logo 🙂 By adding our website in the circle around the original EP logo, the logo becomes a lot more compact to use! 🙂 Also, doodled a little cameraman inside the P. I thought that looked kind of cute :p. Also, a lot […]

Hello world!

Welcome to EncapturedPerfection Blogs. This is my first post. So, I’ve kept it to a minimum. 😀