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You get what you pay for – NOT.

You get what you pay for. Its the buzzword. You get what you pay for is what we love to say when choosing a photographer. Photography costs ranges from 0 to tens of thousands of dollars – and if β€œYou get what you pay for” adage is true, everyone should just hire the most expensive photographer in the world and be done with it. New photographers may charge next to nothing; photographers with a lot of overhead costs may charge more, some photographers juggling multiple occupations may charge less, yet some others with really expensive tools may charge more. Location […]

New Logo – just in time for Christmas! :)

So! Being slow Christmas days – I played around and updated our logo πŸ™‚ By adding our website in the circle around the original EP logo, the logo becomes a lot more compact to use! πŸ™‚ Also, doodled a little cameraman inside the P. I thought that looked kind of cute :p. Also, a lot classier when pasted inside an image.     Here we go check this out – I put the logo on the bottom right corner of this image i had worked on a long time ago :). A little combo between sketch and real picture.  

Hello world!

Welcome to EncapturedPerfection Blogs. This is my first post. So, I’ve kept it to a minimum. πŸ˜€