A rainbow wedding

Her: One more thing I should mention, my fiancé is a woman. Do you have any issues working gay weddings ?? Me: Though I also have no experience in it, but, I am sure we can accommodate any special requests you may have.


Once in a while – a wedding comes along that is so different and unique that I need to write a blog post for it. It turned out that J and J didn’t have too many special requests. It was going to be unique though – the bridal party will be wearing RAINBOW COLOURS!! We were so excited!

This has been a first for us, for a lot of things – first rainbow wedding, first bridal party where the groomsmen were not necessarily all male, first wedding where even the reverend was wearing rainbow colours, etc. Not only that – we did family photos for engagement session instead!

Her: Can I bring the kids to the engagement shoot? Me: I don’t really specialize in family photography, but why not? Bring them! We’ll have fun 🙂

As it turned out, M and M were amazing kids. The love they have as a family were palpable right from the outset. We had so much fun – and at times, I forgot that this was an engagement shoot.

Her: Hey! Would you do one of those images where everything is in black and white but the rainbow colours?

Me: That’s…um. That was a photography fad that kind of died out a while ago…

But..heck, why not! Presenting…selective colour, EP-Style. When we do it – its done in style. 😀


Below are some more hi-res images from the wedding, and if you are curious to see how the wedding day went, go ahead and view the video at the top of this post. All the traditional rules were broken, and it made for a very fun and unique wedding. We were so happy we were given the opportunity to encapture J&J’s special day.



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